Are you a beginner and just started gym training and would like learn how to exercise correctly?

Do you have a physical purpose that you have not achieved independently and need help?

Then personal training is for you!

If you are more of a group training person and would like to work out with others, there is an opportunity to train in groups of two and four. 

Currently I train my clients at Myfitness clubs in Tallinn (Mustamäe, Kristiine, Solaris, Rocca Al Mare) and  24/7 Fitness (Laki, Hipodroom) club.



Would you like to know more about training structure?

Would you like to have a personal training plan that is created just for you?

Then training consultation is for you!



Would you like to now more about balanced nutrition?

Would like to change your diet plan?

Then you should write down everything you eat and drink during the week so I can analyse your food diary. We can change things as needed and put together a new diet plan.